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Salt Lake Valley

Gorgeous views of the Wasatch Mountains, Great Salt Lake, and canyons!

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Famous red rock deserts, unbelievable arches, two national parks, and stunning cliffs!

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Insane cliffs, granite, and waterfalls!

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Big Sur

Ocean views, stunning Cliffside, and beautiful redwoods!

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Joshua Tree

Perfect desert, funky trees, and a rock climber's dream!

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Salt Flats

If you want to look like you're on the moon!

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The Tetons

For mountain lovers!

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This also works if you love mountains!

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Northern Oregon Coast

Moody oceans, seaside cliffs, dense forests

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Southern Oregon Coast

Rocky oceans, natural arches, moody weather

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Columbia River Gorge

Waterfalls, forests, rivers, cliffs!

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Central Oregon desert, Smith Rock, and mountains!

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North Cascades

The American alps! 

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