The Best Rocky Mountain Photo Locations

The top Rocky Mountain locations for Elopements and Engagement Photos

Eloping in the Rocky Mountains, spanning Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and the Tetons, guarantees an unparalleled celebration amidst nature's wonders. Glacier's towering peaks and pristine lakes, Yellowstone's geothermal marvels, and the Teton Range's rugged splendor provide a diverse tapestry for vows. Whether by alpine lakes, iconic geysers, or beneath jagged summits, couples can weave their love story into these breathtaking landscapes. The Rockies offer a symphony of settings—glacial serenity, geothermal drama, and alpine majesty. Eloping here ensures an intimate journey through iconic national parks, promising an everlasting union framed by the timeless beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Epic Rocky Mountain Photo Locations


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I'll make sure I do some research and come in with some ideas based off the questions you answered in your contact form, but this is also the time to ask me all the questions you may have, tell me about all the ideas you have about how you want your day to go, and really just get to know me a bit as well! We spend a lot of time together on this day, so I want to make sure we feel like great friends!


Once you're in my books, I'll be sending over all my location guides, hotel reccomendations, hikes I love, my favorite things to do in the area, and more! I'll be mailing you a 60 plus page guide that covers how to elope A to Z!
I'll also start making a Pinterest board that you can collaborate on! There may be categories about poses, locations, detail shots, etc that you can add to.
I'll also make a timeline and a "must have shots" list that you can edit and view so we are on the same page for your day. I'm always avalibile by text or email if you want to talk more about your elopement!


It's here!!! Your elopement! We're going to celebrate and party wether it's just the three of us, or your closest family and friends. All the prep work is done, and now you just get to enjoy the time with the love of your life.
I'm here to capture all the little details, fix your hair, hike with y'all, pass out some tissues, and be there to witness the love you share.
Your elopement is going to be such a fun, stress free time, and I'm so stoked to be there!


I love sending a sneak gallery within 72 hours so you have 50-100 highlight photos you can share with friends and family almost instantly! Once the highlight gallery is sent, you will get every picture back in 6-10 weeks along with a slideshow set to music and instagram carosuels to share your wedding photos beautifully on social media. 
You can purchase prints through the online gallery and together we can design your album. Your wedding photos are so special and should be printed for loved ones to be able to see and look back on!

Glacier National Park

Eloping in Glacier National Park promises couples an ethereal celebration amid nature's untouched masterpiece. Towering peaks, glacier-carved valleys, and pristine lakes create a mesmerizing backdrop for vows, capturing the timeless allure of the Rocky Mountains. Iconic settings like Lake McDonald and the Going-to-the-Sun Road offer intimate locations for ceremonies amidst alpine splendor. The park's diverse ecosystems, from ancient forests to alpine meadows, provide a captivating canvas for love. Glacier's untamed beauty, coupled with abundant wildlife and breathtaking vistas, ensures an elopement immersed in the rugged romance of the Montana wilderness, creating memories as enduring as the park's ancient glaciers.

Mountains, Glaciers, Lakes

permits required

30min from Kalispel

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Eloping in Yellowstone National Park promises couples an extraordinary union amidst nature's grandeur. The world's first national park, Yellowstone is a vast canvas of geothermal wonders, pristine lakes, and untamed wilderness. Exchanging vows beside iconic geysers like Old Faithful or along the shores of Yellowstone Lake creates a unique and captivating atmosphere. The park's diverse landscapes, from colorful hot springs to dramatic canyons, offer a spectacular backdrop for an intimate celebration. Yellowstone's wild beauty, abundant wildlife, and geothermal marvels ensure an elopement that transcends the ordinary, immersing couples in the raw, untamed allure of one of nature's most captivating landscapes.

Forest, Lakes, Mountains

permit required

2 hours from Idaho Falls

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Grand Tetons

Eloping in the Tetons beckons couples into a realm of breathtaking beauty and untamed wilderness. The jagged peaks of the Teton Range form a majestic backdrop for vows, creating an unparalleled mountainous sanctuary. Intimate settings like Jenny Lake and Schwabacher Landing offer serene locations for exchanging promises amidst alpine splendor. As the sun sets, casting a warm glow on the rugged summits, the Tetons paint a picture of timeless romance. This iconic mountain range, with its pristine lakes and lush valleys, ensures an elopement immersed in the raw, unspoiled allure of the American West, promising couples an unforgettable celebration in nature's embrace.

Mountains, Lakes, Waterfalls

10min from Jackson

Wedding permits required

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  • 60 page elopement guide
  • Customized location guide with my favorite airbnbs, activities, specific locations, and vendors
  • Polaroid album at the end of your day
  • Sneak gallery in 72 hours
  • and more!

  • Session prep guide
  • Location guide with specific locations, and cool features
  • Instant polaroids at the end of your session
  • Sneak gallery in 72 hours
  • and more!

Kate and Jordan

"Meghan is a gift. Charming, funny, so sweet. We had the best time at our elopement shoot and will cherish the photos forever. I am already planning on meeting her in Oregon for our family photos. Thank you so much!!"

Hi! I'm Meghan

I'm an elopement, wedding, and couples photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but I travel all over the western US to photograph love stories!
After growing up in Oregon, I moved to Utah for school and graduated with my BFA in theater in 2023. I now use my art and lighting background to craft photos that last lifetimes.
As your photographer, I love helping you plan your elopement or session! Together, we create a Pinterest board so our. ideas are on the same page! I send a 60 page elopement guide to help you plan your day and spark some ideas. I also love sending you on a coffee date to fill out my longish questionnaire! This really helps me craft a session that reflects you.
During your session, I'll be there to provide umbrellas, and warmers, pick up a bottle of champagne, sew a button back on your dress, or anything else you need! Acts of service is my love language and it totally shows in my job!
After your day, I'll hand you a mini album of all the polaroids I took during your elopement day so you have photos before you even leave the location!  You can expect a full sneak gallery within 72 hours so you can share your day or session with your friends and families almost instantly.   

I'm so excited to meet you in The rockies!

How do you scout locations?

I have such a travel bug, so many of the popular elopement destinations you're thinking of, I've been to! If I haven't, Google Earth is my bestie. I read up on places in websites, and get to the location early to nail down some final spots before your day!

How do we spend 4-6 hours eloping?

Eloping is so much more than a quick ceremony! Many people spend the day together hiking, getting ready, having a ceremony, taking formal portraits, and spending time with your closest family and friends!

How many people can we bring?

This really depends on the place you choose! I define elopements as 10 guests or under, and micro weddings as 40 guests and under. Some locations have designated spots for ceremonies that have a cap on the amount of people you can bring. While outside, we always want to make sure we keep the enviorment healthy!

Can we elope just the two of us?

Totally! Sometimes it's easier to get legally married in a courthouse, then hold your ceremony and festivities at a different time! There are a few places you can self solomize too!

Should we still hire vendors for our elopement?

Yes! I'll send a whole guide on who you should hire to be a vendor at your elopement! Besides a photographer, elopement planners and catereors are awesome to have join you on your day to help everything run smoothly!

Do we have to hike?

Nope! I know sooo many spots that are a short walk, an overlook, or the backyard of a sick AirBnb!

How do we choose where to elope?

This is seriously the hardest part because there are so many stunning places! Think about who you want with you on your day and what the general landscape should be! I have loads of reccomendations if you're not 100% sure of a spot.

Do you charge travel fees?

The price you see is the price you get! I don't tack on any surprise fees. Any travel is included in your final quote.

What if we want to celebrate with even more people?

If you want to keep the party going, having a reception local to you is a great idea! You can use all your photos to decorate as well!

Let the Adventure Begin!