Your West Coast and Utah Elopement experience

Let's create a legacy you can share

If you're as outdoorsy as me, eloping is such a great way to go when sharing your vows with your person! It is truly the most intimate way to celebrate your love. You get to plan a whole day with your best friend that you can do just the two of you, or with your closest family and friends! I'm so stoked to capture these memories so you can share this day with future generations.
 With me, we get to plan a super fun day in a place that's maybe special to you, or somewhere you saw on instagram and went "fuck, I want to say "I Do" here!"
I'm here to guide you through your elopement planning process, share some fun ideas, and give you memories to smile on for lifetimes.

Our Time Together

1. Before Booking

  • Review my blogs, website, and instagram to get a feel for my work
  • Fill out my contact form to get in touch. Some of these questions really help me get to know you and how to best serve you!
  • I'll respond with my full pricing guide and a link to schedule a call during a time that works best for you two!
  • We hop on the call, get to know each other, talk about all your amazing ideas, and I'll answer any questions you may have. This is also a great time to walk through packages and get an idea of which one would suit your vision best.
  • After the call, I'll send an email with a contract and invoice.
  • To secure your date, the contract needs to be signed by both parties and 25% of the total balance needs to be paid.

Once the contract has been signed and invoice paid, you're in my books and we get to start planning!!

2. Planning Your Elopement

  • With all the paperwork out of the way, we get to start planning your dream day! 
  • A welcome box with a 60 page guide on how to plan your elopement, ideas you may like, and a workbook in the back, will be mailed to you (along with a few other goodies!)
  • I'll put together a custom location guide with ceremony locations, airbnbs to stay at, and things to do in the area that will be sent to your email.
  • I start a collaborative Pinterest board I share with you for ideas on posing, composition, and general vibe you're going for so I make sure we're on the same page!
  • I send you two on a coffee date (on me!) to fill out my questionnaire to get to know you better and make sure I can give you photos that feel just like you!
  • My scheduler is always open to book another call with me to talk through all the details of your elopement or if you have any questions! I recommend doing at least one call around a month out to get all the details in place.

I'll send an email the day before to touch base, then we get to get y'all married!

3. Elopement Day!

  • With all the prep work done, your day will be so fun and smooth!
  • I always show up to the location at least 24 hours in advance in case of traffic or flight cancelations
  • The day before, I'll be scouting the area to find perfect spots, back up locations, and the way the light falls
  • I'll send y'all a text letting you know I'm in the area and if I can pick anything up for you!
  • We'll meet up and get your day started! I stick really well to a schedule with my Type A personality, but I'm also so skilled at reading the room and going with the flow to make sure I capture exactly what you want.
  • I'll be taking little video clips and photos on my phone! You'll recieve these instantly after photo coverage ends,
  • I also bring an album to put all your polaroids in at the end of the day so you have an instant, physical print of your elopement photos!
  • In case the weather is rocky, I bring hand warmers and clear umbrellas as well!

With all your take home goodies in hand, I'll get to work backing up all your photos and getting you sneaks!

4. After Your Elopement

  • I'll back up all your photos on my. hard drive and cloud storage.
  • You'll get a full, high res, edited sneak gallery with over 100 highlight photos within 48 hours
  • In 4-6 weeks, your entire gallery will be sent to you with a secure link. You'll be able to download high resolution photos for print, web size photos to share online, and you can purchase prints right from your gallery!
  • The final gallery includes high resolution edited images, a slideshow of your photos set to music, instagram carousels to share your pictures in a stunning way, and b-roll images that are details of your surroundings to tell your story.
  • I'll also put your images into a blog to share on my website so you can share your story with your friends and family!
  • Ordering albums is also an option we can talk more about to make sure your favorite photos get to live physically and be shared with future generations!

I can't wait to give you these memories, and also create fun tools to share your day with famly and friends!

My Promises as your Elopement Photographer

1. I'm your ultimate hype girl, and always in your corner
2. I'll do everything I can to help plan your elopement and help it go smoothly even if there's bad weather
3. I'll carry snacks for when we're both getting low blood sugar on the hike
4. I'll save space for your intimate moments so it just feels like you two in a beautiful place
5. I'll give you photos that reflect your relationship and an experience that feels like a fun date!

Morgan and Duncan

"Our wedding photos are breathtaking and truly a work of art. Despite our friends and family not being able to attend because of COVID, we have amazing photos that captured one of the best days of our relationship. We are so happy with our experience and highly recommend her to everyone we know. If you are wanting to get married in an extremely remote location with someone who loves the outdoors as much as you do, definitely book Meghan as your photographer."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Elopement?

I define an elopement as a smaller, more intimate way of getting married! Most people choose an epic location that is special to them, or they just love being outside!

How do you scout locations?

I have such a travel bug, so many of the popular elopement destinations you're thinking of, I've been to! If I haven't, Google Earth is my bestie. I read up on places in websites, and get to the location early to nail down some final spots before your day!

How do we spend 4-6 hours eloping?

Eloping is so much more than a quick ceremony! Many people spend the day together hiking, getting ready, having a ceremony, taking formal portraits, and spending time with your closest family and friends!

How many people can we bring?

This really depends on the place you choose! I define elopements as 10 guests or under, and micro weddings as 40 guests and under. Some locations have designated spots for ceremonies that have a cap on the amount of people you can bring. While outside, we always want to make sure we keep the enviorment healthy!

Can we elope just the two of us?

Totally! Sometimes it's easier to get legally married in a courthouse, then hold your ceremony and festivities at a different time! There are a few places you can self solomize too!

Should we still hire vendors for our elopement?

Yes! I'll send a whole guide on who you should hire to be a vendor at your elopement! Besides a photographer, elopement planners and catereors are awesome to have join you on your day to help everything run smoothly!

Do we have to hike?

Nope! I know sooo many spots that are a short walk, an overlook, or the backyard of a sick AirBnb!

How do we choose where to elope?

This is seriously the hardest part because there are so many stunning places! Think about who you want with you on your day and what the general landscape should be! I have loads of reccomendations if you're not 100% sure of a spot.

What if we want to celebrate with even more people?

If you want to keep the party going, having a reception local to you is a great idea! You can use all your photos to decorate as well!

Do you charge travel fees?

The price you see is the price you get! I don't tack on any surprise fees. Any travel is included in your final quote.

Let the Adventure Begin!