Four Reasons Why Film Photography is Important


  1. […] There is a huge rise of the retro trend for weddings and mirco weddings now, and super 8 video is taking the lead in beautiful, nostalgic, memories captured on film. Since super 8 is real film, it can start to get really expensive and has most engaged couples wondering if the cost of the film is worth adding super 8 on to their wedding day. The rise of retro is back, but I believe it is here to stay and there’s so many amazing reasons why hiring a super 8 videographer and film photographer is worth the price! […]

  2. […] Film photography has been around for ages! The colors and grain of film is unmatchable and is truly an art form. Film photographers take so much time and care with your photos that most of what they shoot is delivered back to you. Film photographers have to be an expert behind the camera because they have to be confident in every photo they take. With only having 36 images a roll, every photo is more intentional and without a screen to get caught up in, film photographers have the ability to see more small moments and capture candid events and details! […]

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