High School seniors, class of 2024

Join the Senior Model Program

What's in it for you?

Free Senior pics

Free cap and gown photos

a community of new friends

Graduation announcments

gift cards to your fav stores

your own business cards

free group shoots

and more!

What you need to do

apply through the form below

have a fun personality

Post your photos on your socials

attend group shoots

hand out your personalized biz cards

 refer 3 friends (they get $100 off)

More referrals = more rewards


How do you choose senior models?

How many models do you choose?

How do you keep track of how many people I reffered? 

What if I don't refer 3 people?

When do you pick your models?

do i need to pay anything up front?

I look for outgoing high schoolers that are down to try new things, have unique extra circulars, and have fun ideas for their senior shoot! I don't expect you to be pro models, but I want you to have fun and participate in group shoots, be comfortable talking to new people, and have an upbeat personality

I'll choose 4-8 people and no more than 2 from each high school. This helps you get more referrals without too much competition! 

I am such a type A and have a whole spread sheet going on to keep track of everyone that dropped your name when they booked with me! I'll also send you a text when someone books so you have an idea of how many more you need!

My typical senior session is $500, so each person that drops your name takes $165 off your shoot! If you only refer 2 people, you'll owe me $165 by May 1 2024. I do my best to help y'all meet your 3 required people!

I finalize my models by late March. This gives us time to get a date for our first group session in May, and get your individual shoots early so you have ample time to get your referrals! 

I require a $50 commitment fee at the time of your contract signing. This just helps me make sure you're 100% in when it comes to our time together!

Your time as a Senior Model


Fill out the application and schedule a facetime date with me


Get selected! Review the contact with you and your guardian


You'll be added to the group chat with the other models and we'll plan our first group shoot


Post your group photos and schedule your individual session with me


Post your senior pics often on your socials and talk about your experience with me


Get your business cards to pass out to your besties for $100 off a shoot with me


Get your referrals and earn more photoshoots, prizes, and gift cards! Be ready for more group shoots


If you have enough referrals, book your cap and gown pics for April, choose your grad announcements, and last call for other incentive shoots!

sound like this is up your ally?

Fill out the application below! Once it's complete, I'll send a full PDF with all the details! Feel free to ask any questions you have for me too!!