There is something whimsical about this medium....

The film look is making a comeback! Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe the aesthetic, or the process of film photography! Film takes us all back to the roots of photo taking and makes us slow down and be intentional with our photos.
I've used a few different film cameras! I have a 35mm camera that can take 36 exposures. I usually shoot two rolls for a 30min session. I also have a medium format camera that has larger negatives for a more detailed and high quality image. This one takes 15 exposures per roll and requires a little more time for lighting adjustments. Again, I probably shoot about 2 rolls in a 30min session. 

when yuo book with me...

here's what to expect

1. A bunch of texts or emails to help plan!
2. A what to wear guide
3. Location guides 
4. Great music
5. An inclusive photographer
6. Fast response times
7. Someone who will make your session all about you
8. All exposures that turn out!
9. A leave no trace aware photographer
10. Someone to pose you and make you feel awesome in front of the camera!

Resources that make your session perfecto

1. A session planning guide to get you ready for your shoot! It includes posing tips, hair and makeup help, and outfit advice

2. Location guides about spots I've frequented that break down permits, leave no trace policies, locations I adore in the area, and the best time of day to head to those locations

3. Me! Your photographer that loves shooting film, explored the locations, and is happy to do stupid shit to get you laughing

How much is a Film session?

Film varies by the roll and which format you want to shoot in!
It tends to be a bit more expensive since buying film, developing the roll(s), and scanning is professionally done and costs money for the process to get everything developed correctly!

Reach out and we can chat more about what I recommend for your session!

services start at $80 a roll

next steps:

1. Fill out a contact form! You can email me at any stage of your photographer search process. If you have a quick question or if you're ready to book I'll get back to you in 24 hours

2. I'll say hey and send a link to set up a video call if you want to chat about ideas! We can also stick to emailing.

3. We can decide on a time, location, package and any add ons that you're interested in.

4. After learning all about your session ideas, I'll send you a final quote.

5. If you're all set, I send some paperwork to fill out and then you're in my books!

contact me

have questions? interested in booking?